Business survival and success depends on the speed with which an organization can adopt the boons of new technological development.

Wittybrains is a reliable IT firm that regularly works with and employs the latest technologies to provide you with the maximum industry advantage. We are widely regarded for innovative use and experience with technologies that are reliable and just being adopted by industries.

Our IT experts and IT development team is always doing R&D, both with the use of established technologies as also with new software that has the potential to gain wide acceptance. Technologies that we regularly use for devising solutions for our clients include, but are not limited to:

  • Microsoft Technologies

    We have a large team of Microsoft certified developers and experts across three work centers, and they are capable of handling any challenge that can be solved by the use of technologies developed by Microsoft.

  • Open Source Technologies

    The importance of open source technologies can never be undermined in a competitive marketplace. We constantly create custom applications and do custom development on open source frameworks.

  • PHP Framework

    Development of PHP applications with all the latest features included has to be accomplished in a precise manner. PHP has to be handled by experts to be properly responsive and secure. Our PHP applications are all securely coded and have the fastest response time.

  • Mobile Technologies Development Services

    Mobile technology has changed the way how business is conducted, but mobile application development requires greater effort than ordinary web application development due to the greater fragmentation of platforms across different devices. We provide the best mobile development for iPhones, Android, BlackBerry and Symbian operating systems.

  • RIA Application Development Services

    Increasing productivity by rich internet applications or RIA and enhancing user and customer interactions by application development is regularly done by us. RIA help across a wide spectrum of tasks ranging from wrapping software as services inside them to multimedia delivery that is outstanding in user-friendliness and visual appeal.

  • Java Technologies

    Java has widespread use in software development and internet application development being one of the most reliable technologies in use today. Expert use of Java for application development helps to reduce costs and achieve business targets in a secure and efficient manner. We have outstanding Java experts with decades of practice in using Java for application development.

  • CRM Technologies

    Businesses cannot do without dependable and user-friendly CRM technologies. Wittybrains assures you the best in CRM development and information sharing and coordination across all related verticals in your business.

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