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Wittybrains has been in mobile game development since inception and we have created games for most operating systems for hand held devices like Android, iOS, Windows and others. Mobile games consist of almost 60-70% of all mobile applications and are popular with mobile users.

They are also used not only for direct entertainment, but also as tools for learning and engaging customers and for building customer loyalty.

Our developers are proficient with different game engines and platforms like UDK and Unity that make game development easier.

We have a large team of experts who work regularly in mobile game programming and development and we regularly conduct projects for racing games, shooting games, sports games, arcade games, kids games, action games, puzzle games, casino games, educational games, adventure games, RPG games, and for developing both single player and multiplayer mobile games.

Application Development and Maintenance

We also help to develop online games that can be played through mobiles or can be accessed through mobile applications.

Mobile games, like other video games depend upon great storyline, great graphics and logical levels. Our creative professionals are proficient in developing just the right kind of compelling mobile games you need within your budget.

Our Services:

  • Consulting for mobile game development
  • Conceptualization and storyline creation for mobile game development
  • Creation of sprites and other mobile game assets
  • Custom mobile game development on top of popular mobile game engines
  • Mobile game programming
  • Mobile gaming engine development
  • Mobile game porting
  • Mobile game testing
  • Multi-platform or cross platform mobile game development
  • Mobile game testing and bug fixing
  • Upgrading mobile games to latest OS and game engine versions
  • Developing full mobile game applications or supporting asset or coding pipelines
  • Multiplatform mobile game development

Art and Creative Designing for Mobile Game Development:

  • Creation of breathtaking visuals and environments
  • Creation of minimalistic assets that can be reused
  • Conceptualizing of 2D and 3D models for your mobile game development
  • Modeling and rigging 3D models and 2D models for mobile game animation

Mobile Game Development and Testing

Wittybrains offers mobile game development and testing services including the testing of environments, functionality and performance of mobile games.

  • iPhone game development and testing
  • Android game development and testing
  • J2ME game development and testing
  • Windows mobile game development and testing
  • Palm mobile game development and testing

Please Consult Us to assess your mobile game development requirements and hire us to develop the most engaging and addictive mobile games.

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