HTML5 and CSS3 Development Solutions

If you are looking for HTML5 and CSS3 development, and planning to move into responsive websites and web applications, Wittybrains can help you realize your business objectives.

Application Development and Maintenance

Wittybrains is a mobile application development company expert at developing HTML5 compatible iPad and iPhone applications and using CSS3 web design in developing style sheets for presentation of web documents.

HTML5 and CSS3 are already the ruling trend and future of web-designing. HTML5 supports video streaming, multimedia and special effects while CSS3 simplifies the way websites are designed, and it helps developers in representing HTML element in 2D and 3D transformations.

CSS3 enables websites to use multiple background pictures, shadows of regions and fonts, translucent page elements, translation and transform, and embedding of custom fonts to improve overall user experience.

Our HTML5 and CSS3 Application Development Services include:

  • HTML5 Application Porting
  • HTML5 Web Development
  • HTML5 Smart Phone Applications Development
  • HTML5 Game Development
  • HTML5 Mobile Development
  • Software testing and QA services

Benefits of HTML5 and CSS3 Application Development Services:

  • Smarter forms for developers
  • Geo-location
  • Video and sound embedding
  • Improved accessibility
  • Greater control of page structure
  • Saves disk-space
  • Multiple backgrounds for single element
  • Multi-side borders for images
  • Storing and use of external style sheets

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