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Wittybrains has expert enterprise mobility architects and programmers who blend programming, design, architecture and security features into your enterprise mobility solution.

Application Development and Maintenance

Today, ERPs and enterprise wide data connectivity is of trivial use if any changes made to the data cannot be immediately accessed through handheld devices.

Rapid responses to changing situations and turning knowledge into business opportunities in a spur of a moment depends upon sharing knowledge a split second ahead of others. Enterprise mobility development is synonymous with business success.

Enterprise mobility is usually developed on the cloud with Enterprise Mobility as a Service, but custom enterprise mobility development on private servers is also done regularly by businesses who want to stay in greater control of their data. Wittybrains outsourcing services help you with both these aspects.

Enterprise mobility is something that you cannot avoid in businesses today, but it has its own risks and problems that come with going mobile, including different device sizes and Operating Systems, and the challenges of maintaining security and compliance. We’ll help you handle all of it

Our Services:

  • Careful estimation of the impact that adopting enterprise mobility will have on your organization
  • Create mobile apps that are able to meet the unique needs of your business
  • Design a strategy for developing and implementing your enterprise mobility solution
  • Identify possible threat points and security loopholes that might arise with enterprise mobility and offer solutions
  • Identifying scenarios and processes where enterprise mobility will help you attain business objectives better
  • Provide support and maintenance for hassle-free adoption and use of enterprise mobility
  • Train your staff to speed up adoption of enterprise mobility solutions

Wittybrains helps you Develop Enterprise Mobility Solutions and:

  • Actualizes mobile-driven business processes
  • Creates scalable solutions with advanced monitoring and reporting on handheld devices in use throughout the enterprise
  • Creates secure mobile applications
  • Does Application Threat-Modeling and Architectural Analysis
  • Helps develop custom enterprise mobile applications
  • Helps you in implementing new business models with the help of enterprise mobility

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