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Current trends around technology in the retail industry are not driven by technologists but by customer. Wittybrains enables retailers to respond to whatever the customer desires, wherever they may be, and whenever, or however, they choose to communicate. Today, our clients partner with us to integrate mobility and new technology into their multi-channel commerce strategies.

We have experienced and skilled developers for developing Retail and Consumer goods IT solutions who have backgrounds from the retail industry.

Wittybrains has documented strengths in offshore based IT services for retail application development and maintenance. We provide high quality, seamless and cost-effective outsourced services for competitive advantage..

Why Wittybrains for Retail Solutions?

  • In addition to expertise in package implementation and infrastructure modernization, Wittybrains helps retail companies transform their consumer experience and supply chain systems with solutions like Next Generation Commerce and Logistics Optimization.
  • We also have deep domain expertise in e-commerce and multichannel integration (examples of our expertise in technology in the retail industry) for niche areas like merchandizing, supply chain management, supplier relationship management, in-store experience, and POS.
  • We follow stringent quality and testing standards and testing standards to enable you derive maximum value while increasing your business efficiency levels.
  • We have a professional and transparent approach towards our client’s technology and operations develop a synergistic approach to provide maximum business benefits.

Our Domain and Service Capabilities in Retail Sector:

  • Supply chain:

    Wittybrains help their customers in understanding the key supply chain parameters that determine retail business efficiency and offer integrated solutions in undergoing a transformational shift in Retail industry models to e-commerce and mobile commerce standards. This will help the Retail Supply Chain leaders to overcome the extraordinary challenges to lower the cost of service coupled with pressures to increase shareholder value and grow revenue.

  • Multi Channel Retailing:

    With a wealth of information readily available online, consumers are now better able to compare products, services and prices — even as they shop in physical stores. Consumers have the power to influence other customers or damage a brand.

  • Merchandising Science:

    Retailers have come a long way on their merchandise transformation journeys. Integrating space plans with assortment is where retailer wants to drive towards in order to have a tailored offering for customer segments. At Wittybrains, we help our clients to move towards customer centricity in Merchandising, price optimization and lower level of granularity in assortment analysis & planning through Data-driven Merchandise planning

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