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Wittybrains is a reputed IT solutions provider with a long, successful and wide felt presence across industries. Our areas of expertise include various segments of the industry and we keep on extending our services to more industries on an ongoing basis.

We Offer Benefits to Software Development Sectors Enlisted

  • Banking and Financial Solutions

    Wittybrains offers wide range of banking and financial services and develWittybrains secure, robust and customized banking and financial software solutions as per client requirements.

  • Healthcare Solutions

    We provide software solutions and development to both principals and vendors in the healthcare industry. We have a long track record of developing, maintaining and upgrading software solutions for healthcare enterprises, hospitals and entities in the pharmaceutical industry and are aware of the stringent standards that need to be maintained.

  • E-commerce and Retail Solutions

    We provide comprehensive or modular solutions for e-commerce development including development of custom-made as well as proprietary platforms, development on standalone proprietary platforms, customization of open source platforms, and integration of transaction services and payment gateways with third-party providers.

  • Manufacturing and Procurement

    We develop and provide software for enterprise resource management so that you can streamline and better co-ordinate your efforts in manufacturing and procurement. Software customized to your needs can dramatically reduce overheads, increase productivity and ensure returns on investment…YES we can assure that.

  • Travel and Communications

    We develop software solutions for travel and communications industry including online booking portals and transaction solutions.

  • Education and E-learning Solutions

    We provide education and e-learning solutions according to your needs. From supporting traditional learning efforts of educational institutions to the specialized learning needs in higher education institutions and in-house company training efforts, we develop both; material and software to realize your objectives.

  • Media and Entertainment Solutions

    We create media and entertainment solutions including media delivery applications, video streaming solutions, creation of multimedia content and other need-based applications for your business.

  • Telecommunications Solutions

    We develop PBX and telecommunications solutions based on reliable platforms to meet your special needs and build your customized communications networks.

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