Healthcare Software Development Services

Wittybrains provides healthcare software solutions to the healthcare industry. We align software development with client’s goals to improve operational efficiency, reduce risks, ensure regulatory compliance, cut down costs and improve customer services.

Application Development and Maintenance

Wittybrains’s service oriented architecture and processes are customized precisely to the needs of the healthcare industry from the regulatory point of view and offers user friendliness. We help healthcare organizations to manage all the challenges efficiently and effectively with our custom software development.

Our healthcare technology solutions range from web development services, EMR systems, premium billing, consulting services, and billing software to financial software and other custom applications needed by healthcare organizations and companies.

You can get exactly what you want from our highly skilled healthcare software developers who understand all granular details properly before the development phase.

Our Healthcare Solutions include:

  • Healthcare Management Software:

    We have been designing, implementing, deploying and maintaining healthcare management software solutions for healthcare organizations over years. Our solutions help organizations increase productivity, reduce time and cost and improve customer service.

  • Healthcare Booking Software:

    We develop and deploy applications that help patients to book for appointments online. Booking solutions help to decrease your office overheads and improve customer service by allowing the patients to easily book their appointments without wasting their time and energy.

  • Healthcare and Hospital Maintenance Software:

    We offer world-class healthcare maintenance software which helps you to facilitate running your organization at its optimal level.

  • Healthcare Simulation Software:

    We develop and deploy software that helps to visualize, analyze and optimize the performance of healthcare systems of all sizes and types. It helps to evaluate, plan and redesign the processes, procedures and policies of healthcare organizations.

  • Healthcare Consulting:

    We provide consulting services to healthcare organizations too. Our consultants have extensive experience in all aspects of healthcare cost management, healthcare flexible budgeting and healthcare net revenue management.

  • Healthcare Claims Software:

    Custom claims software developed by our experts provide you with a suite of programs that can analyze claims using business rules developed by your best examiners. After its implementation, our software ensures flawless transactions and processing of healthcare claims.

  • Premium Billing Healthcare Software:

    We develop softwares to handle all premium billing, collection and disbursements. Premium billing could be collected and paid by various means including direct debit, credit card, electronic billing etc. Also installment plans can be set up to spread the premium equally in installments, or according to any other system.

  • Healthcare Quality Management Software:

    Our quality management software helps you to manage quality and drive continual operational performance. This integrated and comprehensive solution is designed to meet the healthcare organization’s quality management needs throughout all the levels of an organization.

  • EMR Healthcare Software:

    We develop custom software framework of healthcare applications like EMR, EHR, HMIS, medical billing and coding, digital secure copy and much more. Our software helps to simplify workflow, increase productivity and make the workflow accessible right at the point of providing care.

  • Healthcare Staff Development Software:

    This software helps you in talent management and identifying areas you need to focus for your staff/employee development. You can plan training so as to address skill gaps, career planning, organizational needs as well as assigning appropriate development activities for your staff.

  • Healthcare Mobile Software Applications:

    We develop mobile applications for the healthcare industry. Healthcare organizations need real time access to patients, drugs, billings, schedules and other business related information in order to provide best patient care. Insurance companies and medical drug suppliers also need continuous access to critical business information. Our mobile software solutions helps healthcare organizations cater properly to such needs.

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