Education and E-learning Software Development Solutions

Our e-learning solutions focus on standardization, saving time, remote access, reusability of information modules and higher quality in information and presentation.

Education and e-learning has already become a mainstream in an age where people have little time and where physical collocation is difficult to manage and synchronize. E-learning allows education from remote locations and also helps standardization of information and tests.

It is learning that includes the use of electronic devices like computer/PDA/mobile and utilizes networks like LAN, WAN or internet. It could be synchronous, asynchronous, instructor-led or computer based or a combination of all of them.

Application Development and Maintenance

Schools, universities and educational institutes are all adopting e-learning software solutions to meet the changing education needs. However, the need for customized e-learning solutions will always be there because without them, all differentiation between different educational institutions would be lost.

Why Wittybrains for Education and E-learning Software Development?

  • Our employees have in-depth knowledge and domain expertise in providing custom e-learning software solutions and e-learning software product development, for both classroom education and workplace training for clients.
  • All our applications comply with NCLB Act, SES providers, SCORM, OKI, AICC, IMS etc.
  • Our e-learning software development includes a wide range of media and technologies used by trainers and educational institutions, such as delivery media like internet, intranet, CD/DVD, wireless on campus, and interaction tools like multimedia, flash demos, simulation, whiteboard, collaboration, audio video streaming, webinar, etc.

Our Education and E-learning Services include:

  • E-Learning Consulting, Design, Development & Implementation
  • Courseware Design, Development and Maintenance
  • Online Assessment & Collaboration Tools Development
  • Learning Teleconferencing and Online Meetings
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • Digital Learning Games Development
  • Student Administration Systems
  • Remote Project Management
  • Scenario Design and Simulation tools
  • Virtual Class Rooms & Assignment Submission
  • White Board Sharing and Digital Storytelling
  • E-Book Development
  • Web Casting / Streaming

Our Solutions in Learning Sector include:

  • Education Portal Development:

    Wittybrains understands that imparting education is an important task and information technology has become a huge part of the process so we provide progressive education services like education portal development with all modern features that are user-friendly, efficient, flexible and stable. Education portals developed by us help your e-learning efforts quickly gain credibility and establish your brand in the market.

  • Online Courses:

    Our team of developers has vast experience in instructional systems design and online course development, which are specially designed using rapid course development models. Our online course solutions are developed keeping in mind the specific requirements of clients, their time and budget.

  • E-learning Software Development:

    Our e-learning software empowers students to quickly and easily engage with the course, presentations, surveys and quizzes. Our developers focus on making everyone involved deeply into organizational e-learning to the benefit of both the trainers/educators and the learners/students.

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